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Victory Chapel Guam is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled, nondenominational family of believers. Our pastors and staff count it a privilege to welcome you to our church and minister to your spiritual needs. Ushers are available before, during, and after each service to answer your questions and help guide you. A quality nursery and children’s ministry are available for each service for infants and children up to ten years old. Regular services begin with praise and worship that will ready your heart for the preaching of God’s Word. After prayer requests and opening the service in prayer, we take an offering to honor the Lord. Announcements are followed by the biblical preaching of God’s Word and an altar call. We are excited to welcome you to Victory Chapel Guam and look forward to meeting you in person.




In 1984, Pastor Glen Cluck, an evangelist, was sitting at a staff breakfast in Prescott, Arizona, listening as Pastor Mitchell explained that the church in Guam would be closing because things were “just not working.”  Being moved upon by the Holy Ghost, Pastor Cluck spoke up and said, “I’ll go!”  He said he felt as though the Holy Ghost had put him on a mission.

Upon arrival to the island, he began to lay hold of God in prayer meetings, outreaching and evangelizing in the villages and contending for a breakthrough in souls.  It was on an unforgettable Tuesday night of a revival service, that a young woman walked through the door of the church and responded to the altar call for salvation.  She was a 27-year-old young woman, with four young children, afflicted with breast cancer and had heard that this particular church prayed for the sick. As Pastor Cluck laid hands on her and began to pray for healing, she was gloriously and instantaneously healed as the tumor began to shrink in size! She brought her husband and family the following service. A revival broke out as a result of this miracle!  READ MORE »



Victory Chapel Guam is a Christian Fellowship Ministries' Church (CFM). CFM, Inc. was founded in 1970 by Pastor Wayman Mitchell. A spiritual fire was launched that is spanning the globe. Now, over 2,500 churches have been planted in over 130 nations of the world with the number growing daily. From that, crusades and conferences sprung up that are touching tens of thousands every year. This church is a product of that vision and is working to see it expanded in the short time that remains before Jesus' return. God has given us a vision for the day we live in. Our message is simple, yet it is the cornerstone of all truth. Jesus Christ is the only hope for man's salvation and that is true with every person in every nation on the globe. In a world full of empty dreams and false promises is a truth that grows stronger every year, and that is Jesus Christ and Him crucified!


The focus of worship at Victory Chapel Guam is to provide an inviting atmosphere where men and women can experience, first-hand, the gracious and loving presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our desire to allow the Holy Spirit to create an openness in people’s hearts so that they may receive the preaching of the Word of God.
We invite you to join us at the beginning of each service for an uplifting time of praise and worship. You will be refreshed and encouraged in the tangible presence of God.

“Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song and His praise in the assembly of saints.” – Psalms 149:1 [NKJ]


In our local church, God has given us a powerful revival of men and we are obeying the command by Jesus in Matthew 28:19 to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..." As we have grown as a church, men have grown into leadership roles which have been the foundation of our ministers, our leaders, and our Church council. Here at Victory Chapel Guam, we strongly believe it’s important to get to know one another. When you walk into our church please reach out to someone on our staff and let us know how we can minister to you, we’re here to help.




Senior Pastor

Pastor Jesse Cluck serves as the Senior Pastor. He was saved in his teenage years and responded to the call of God to preach at a young age. He has pioneered three churches, one in Agat, Guam in 2005, Bangalore, India and Gurgaon, India. He has spent an extensive time as a missionary in India for seven years on two different occasions. He’s glad to be serving and helping the needs of this local thriving church.  

Pastor Dion Jones Web (1).png

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Dion Jones serves as an Assistant Pastor. He was first introduced to the Gospel in 2011 by a substitute teacher in a High school. He was then invited to an One80 concert where he received Jesus. His first ministry was in 2017 where he was appointed as a youth leader/One80 Director over the youth ministry and concert production. From 2019 to 2020 he labored in a thriving church on the island of Pohnpei, FSM. He came back in February 2020 to be on staff and assist. He’s humbled and excited to see all that God is going to do in our local Church.


Assistant Pastor

Pastor Ryan Mendiola Bio coming soon


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