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In 1984, Pastor Glen Cluck, an evangelist, was sitting at a staff breakfast in Prescott, Arizona, listening as Pastor Mitchell explained that the church in Guam would be closing because things were “just not working.” Being moved upon by the Holy Ghost, Pastor Cluck spoke up and said, “I’ll go!” He said he felt as though the Holy Ghost had put him on a mission.

Upon arrival to the island, he began to lay hold of God in prayer meetings, outreaching and evangelizing in the villages and contending for a breakthrough in souls. It was on an unforgettable Tuesday night of a revival service, that a young woman walked through the door of the church and responded to the altar call for salvation. She was a 27-year-old young woman, with four young children, afflicted with breast cancer and had heard that this particular church prayed for the sick. As Pastor Cluck laid hands on her and began to pray for healing, she was gloriously and instantaneously healed as the tumor began to shrink in size! She brought her husband and family the following service. A revival broke out as a result of this miracle! 

The congregation grew from 20 people on Sunday to 65 people and eventually went off support in 4 months. God established a quick work in Guam. The years after Pastor Cluck was commissioned to travel internationally and domestically in the U.S. as a pioneer pastor, evangelist, and missionary. 

He returned to the island of Guam in 2003 to take over the church. He saw young people get married, respond to the call of God, and began to see the church grow exponentially to eventually becoming a conference base center. The seventeen years of him being in Guam were fruitful and impactful with fulfilling the vision of seeing churches planted in Micronesia, Tonga, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, and the U.S., as well as three other local churches on the island. 

He gave his final years to the island of Guam and no one can deny his passion and drive to see revival, to see souls saved and miracles transpire. Pastor Cluck was an available vessel, an open spirit, always loyal and faithful to the work of God and fulfilling God’s will in his generation. 

Today, Victory Chapel in Yigo is a thriving church planting base and revival center with a lasting legacy of a man who sacrificially gave his life to see revival.

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